Knowing How To Live, We Know How To Die

Knowing How To Die, We Know How To Live

Life and Death are two sides of one coin.  They appear to be opposites: a beginning and an ending.  But they are actually one and the same.  They are both a beginning and both an ending.  Birth is a temporary ending or limiting of the knowledge of our broader existence as a soul being.  And death is an end to this physical adventure.  But birth is the beginning of the physical adventure and death is the beginning of our journey home to our essential nature; the fullness of our whole being.

Coming face to face with “death” is a great way to wake up to life.  For many, a near death experience is the only experience that can produce just such an awakening.  Most of us are so deep in our trance of living that we cannot see the bigger picture of Life.  Read the rest

CREATIVITY is a choice, not a talent

Your Creativity Wants To Be Expressed

Creativity Piano ProdigyI was born to exceptionally talented and creative parents.  My father played piano and organ and it was his gift of joy to the world.  He liked to drink and despite his upbringing as a rich socialite, he often went to dive bars where he could play and sing and have fun with more uninhibited people.  In an attempt to stop this behavior, my mother bought a very expensive and magnificent organ from a celebrity musician friend who was upgrading.  At first, Daddy loved it and played it with abandon for hours.  But soon, he was back in the dive bars, playing and drinking.  When Mama complained, he replied “You forgot to buy the audience!”  While Mama wasn’t pleased, as a performer herself, she understood completely.

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